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DAQQOUN is a beautiful village located  at the casa of Aley, in Mount Lebanon,  one of the best area in the Middle East. Daqqoun is located between 250 and 600 meters above sea level and is only about 25 km south of the capital, Beirut.

An area of outstanding natural beauty, Daqqoun makes the ideal base for living, especially that it is a traditional agricultural village.

There are many sites to be visited such as the castle of El Faranga, very old houses, natural water resources, the Pine Hill of Saint Thecla, the old rock coffins, the Habanjar Tomb, etc.

Find some more about Daqqoun village in ourHistory pages written by the famous local historian Tony Mfarrij (مدن وقرى لبنان)  & Ragi ElAsmar (تراث لبنان ان حك). You will also find a gallery ofPhotographs and Videos of the village in our  Gallery pages.

After about twenty-five years of occupation, we are able to restore and rebuild our land. Details of the restoration project and the people who made it all possible can be found on our ‘ News Page ‘

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